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Posted: 12/29/04 08:37 PM
Author: Locust
Location: USA
Posts: 14


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Ray's ''You Got The Right One, Baby'' Diet Pepsi Jingle
Does anybody know if Ray Charles ever made an actual song with this jingle or did Pepsi own the rights and let it slip into oblivion without it ever being recorded for cusotmers to purchase?

Posted: 02/19/05 11:24 PM
Author: tim
Location: Australia
Posts: 9


Ray's ''You Got The Right One, Baby'' Diet Pepsi Jingle
the add campaign started in 1990. There's no record of the tune ever being recorded in full but since Ray's passing a few tributes have popped up based on "you got the right one baby".

A Song Inspired by Ray Charles - "You've Got The Right One"
by James L Daniels
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Poem inspired by Ray Charles, featured in my poetry "The Composer" to be featured in July online issue of Skyline Magazine


?You?ve Got The Right One?

I?m it.
Look no further my verse and rhyme is very legit.
When it?s said and done and I?m nothing but a pile of ashes,
The way I moved my fingers across the page will remind you of Ray Charles at the piano and those black sunglasses.
You want this back?
Well I?m not letting it go-
The music within my heart, an everlasting water like flow,
An invincible glow-
I?m ready to take my place along with the great African-American writers of the 20th century,
Yep, you got the right one baby


Ray Charles

Aaron From OHWC
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