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Posted: 10/29/06 01:33 AM
Author: dxb
Location: canada
Posts: 2


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Is it any wonder?
I've been "wondering"...
Some years back WonderBread came out with a commercial that had a touching song being sung by a male voice to the image of children frolicking and the sound of their laughter. I liked the song even then but now that I'm a young father myself it has even more meaning for me.
The lyrics as best as I remember them are, "is it any wonder, as I watch you grow...is it any wonder, that I love you so...getting big and strong now...won't be very long now...till you're leaving me......"
For the longest time I've been wanting to know the name of this song. I'm not really a singer but it seems like a song I might want to sing to my own kids. Could somebody, could anybody help me out with this one?

Posted: 02/07/07 08:37 PM
Author: cmbianco
Location: California
Posts: 7


Is it any wonder?
I think its "Is it Any Wonder" by Keane

Aaron From OHWC
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