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Posted: 01/12/07 01:20 AM
Author: Alpha Chains
Location: Mario World
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ebay commercial
this was a basic ebay commercial using their "you can find 'it' on ebay" slogan, the entire commercial just showed the foot of a bed next to a window with what looked like indentations in the wall from something being thrown at it, then an alarm clock (shaped like "it") goes off with a screeching beep which is then followed by a song and is then thrown against the wall....i was wondering if anyone knows what the name of, or who the song that the alarm clock plays is by?

Posted: 01/19/07 01:59 AM
Author: drazgoth
Location: California
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ebay commercial
actually I'm looking for the same song ^-^;; anyone know about it?

Aaron From OHWC
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